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Hello from Pastor Gary


[Gary and Sharon with their grandson]

  As a Bible believer I am excited for every opportunity to take the people of Abundant Life Parker to new levels in Christian living. We will love more, reach further, and bless the world around us through Jesus Christ our savior.   I'm looking forward to meeting you!

Church in the Home


Sunday Worship Service @ 10 am

Tuesday Bible Studies @ 6 pm

Take the Next Step


Do you desire to have a deeper walk with God? Are you interested in better understanding the Bible? To begin your journey or to set up a time for your personal Bible study, call for service locations in Parker, Colorado.  (970) 702-4690

What can I expect when I show up at house church on a Sunday?


You can expect a book of Acts experience.

We follow in the footsteps of our Savior, serving one another, breaking bread and praising God.

It's an early church experience to be sure.   You will make new friends, be challenged by the Word of God, and experience the worship and fellowship described in the Book of Acts.

A typical Sunday service.

Show up a bit early for fellowship. We are excited to meet you.  As Pentecostal Apostolics  you may find us eating and drinking coffee, spending time in prayer or laughing together, that's the beauty of church in the home, it adapts to the needs of the people. No matter what we are doing, you are welcome to join in.

Service will start on time.   You will know it's close because someone will announce a 5 minute countdown.  You may notice people  moving from the kitchen to the living area or perhaps making a quick dash to the bathroom.  Don't worry, this is family-style church and you can't mess it up.  Find a comfortable place to sit.  Pastor will be getting things started soon.

We like to sing and clap and play music.  Not all of us sing on key or clap on beat and sometimes we have no musicians.  Don't worry about it.  We have it covered.   If there are no musicians to lead the way we will play worship music and provide the lyrics for everyone.  Join in as we let the Spirit of God move in the House.  There is liberty here.  This is your time to express your love toward God and soak up his Love towards you.  Oftentimes, the direction of the service is set right here.   

Service from this point can take on whatever form God wants, as followers of Jesus, we want to go where He leads us.  Sometimes an atmosphere of  worship  or prayer breaks out, other times someone has a specific need, or people start sharing praise reports.  The most common thing will be for Pastor to open the Bible and share what God has put on his heart for this group.  Sometimes there is group interaction, people have questions, or thoughts to share.  Don't worry, it's up to you how you want to participate.  You are not going to be put on the spot and it's always ok to let others do the talking.   Pastor will close the service (which typically ends about an hour (it won't be exact, but we try to keep it close)  from the start time.   Depending upon the message Pastor may invite everyone to pray or worship, or just give each other a handshake or hug.  You may see people leaving at this point as schedules and daily life make their demands.

Don't be in a hurry to go, there will always be some kind of fellowship after Service and its a great time to get to know us.  Often there is food, and if there is, everyone is welcome to stay and eat.

It's not a high pressure kind of place.  It's a group of brothers and sisters in Christ staying connected to do God's work and hear His Word. 


A typical mid-week Bible study.

Mid-week Bible studies are super fun!   This is where we get into the Bible and discover for ourselves what it has to say.   No two are ever alike and how they proceed depends entirely on the group or individual in the study.   Some people want to read the Bible for themselves but have questions along the way, so they write down their questions and bring it to the mid-week Bible study where Pastor helps you to understand important concepts and give you some context for what you are reading so that you can get a better understanding of what it's saying.  Other people prefer to follow a chart and go through the lessons.  

When you arrive at a home Bible study you will be invited in and introduced to the other people who are already there.   Typically there is food and people are eating and laughing.  Depending upon what type of study is currently going on you will be invited to watch videos, see flip charts or join the group in working through passages.    Usually the Bible study is very interactive.  This is a great place to ask questions, get clarifications, and find out what others think about the scriptures.   This is a safe place to ask your questions and share your thoughts.  There is safety in a multitude of councilors and we are all putting our knowledge into the pool of knowledge so everyone can decide for themselves what to do with it.    Our Pastor or the Bible study leader will be there to offer context and direction.

The Bible study starts on time and ends on time.  (It's typically about an hour in length.)  Some groups plan around a meal or fellowship, but in any case the Bible study itself lasts for an hour.  You don't have to stay longer, but you are always welcome to participate in what the group has planned.